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Welcome to Dean & Cathy's Cosmic Website. This site is part of the deanoid.net domain, which is being used for both my Cosmic and BajaHome websites, and the Beardown Chronicles. Dean & Cathy's Cosmic Website memorializes many old backpacking and camping trips, our road trips, newer backpacking trips, camping trips and travels, and shares them with the internet community. Sections on some of our hobbies, along with pages about us, our family and our ancestors are also included.

From here, you can quickly navigate where you want to go from the dropdown menus above or from the links on the left. I'm trying to keep up with fun things we've done currently, but if I just took a lot of nice pictures without much of a story, the chances are that I post the pictures on my Flickr site or on Facebook and not here. Check out that site too if you're interested. The link button is listed below. Presently I'm spending most of my time scanning negatives and updating old back pack trips from the 80s before the memories fade out. Check back often and check out What's New.


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